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Cementa 17 – Contemporary Arts Festival, KANDOS, 6 – 9 April 2017.
s o d a c a k e present K PLAY – Mixed media sound installation by Damian Castaldi & Solange Kershaw.

K Play comprises a large multi layered harp-like string instrument that triggers sounds through touch, movement and/or close proximity using a range of sensors, sculptured objects and custom built technologies. The strings themselves can be played / manipulated from inside the shopfront windows at 18 Angus Ave and when struck or otherwise triggered will playback a combination of musical instrument samples and location sound recordings taken in and around Kandos.

Play for Time

Play Ongaku

Image 1 – PLAY ONGAKU detail BMCC Exposé Program exhibition, Oct 2015

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition on display from 16 September to 1 November 2015. Play for Time is a series of audiovisual installations that invites the audience to engage with responsive text, music, nature morte and sound through playful, time based, interaction, recasting the visitor from passive observer to active writer, player, creator. The four installations include: Type over Time, Play Ongaku, Play for Twine and Little Creature Cabinets.

Video – PLAY ONGAKU detail BMCC Exposé Program exhibition, Oct 2015

Royal quiet de luxe model(1280x800)

Image 3 – TYPE OVER TIME detail BMCC Exposé Program exhibition, Oct 2015