Play 44

A touch sensitive sound and photomedia installation at the Villa Alba Museum in Melbourne exhibited as part of Reverie exhibition curated by Sarah Parker. In this video Scotty Lewin plays the sensor interface installed in front of the window from where the image was taken.

Play 44 in REVERIE at the Villa Alba. Curated by Sarah Parker – Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October, 2009.


Play 44

Play 44 by sodacake.
A touch sensitive photomedia sound installation

Play 44 transforms a digital image of the windows in the front room at the Villa Alba museum in Melbourne and combines the visual with sensor technology to create a touch sensitive musical instrument. We are using the audio application Logic Pro’s Sculpture and a combination of Touch, Turn and ReachClose sensors with an I-CubeX microdig digitiser to generate the sound. Six Touch sensors trigger a short scale for any one of six different instruments. As you move your hand to or away from The 7th ReachClose sensor it alters the pitch of the notes being played on the six touch sensors. The 8th Turn sensor changes the overall instrument being played by simply turning the dial.
This exhibition is listed in Art Monthly Australia (Issue 225) November 2009. View the listing on page 76 here.

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