Conversations at and about Government House
With Professor Peter Castaldi, Penelope Little, Professor Marie Bashir and Phillip Adams.

NEW IDEAS: New Ways of Interpretation to Develop Access.

For the NEW IDEAS exhibition at Government House Damian Castaldi and Solange Kershaw installed a touch and movement sensitive audiovisual display. The physical connection between the artwork’s sensor interface and the visitor made it possible for anyone looking at the artwork to navigate through a series of thematic sound portraits developed for the work.

Visually the installation hung in front of the central east facing windows (from which its photograph was taken). The changing light filtered through its opaque acrylic printed surface, altering the luminosity of the image throughout each day.

Technically, the digital image installed in the ballroom engaged a sensor interface controlled through the programming application Max/MSP.

Themes the artists explored included:

•  The Governors Role in Australian Government.
•  The Social significance of Government House.
•  Social History of OA’s and OAM’s at Government House.

These were highlighted through individual conversations with:

1) The artist’s father Professor Peter Castaldi as he reflected on his AO, life and career;

2) Penelope Little as she recalled her experience at Westmead Hospital, bringing music to the culture of that environment and receiving an OAM for her efforts.

3) Professor Marie Bashir as she reflected on her many years in the role of Governor of NSW;

4) Broadcaster Phillip Adams as he mused over the history and significance of Government houses;

All conversations were recorded by Damian Castaldi in July 2010.

solange kershaw & damian castaldi