Coal Country

c o a l – w i n e – f i s h – s a l t – w a t e r – s m o k e
Coal Country, Newcastle East

The six land and seascapes are distorted (stretched or warped) and show an interpretation of their satellite view. Within each, web like black broken lines twist into themselves like a fracture in their earth’s structure. The cloudy skies above alter in hue from an aqua blue haze to violet and lime. Their discoloration is the pollution of our atmosphere(s).

The viewer flies over and listens to six locations from the peninsula at Newcastle East, the vineyards at Wollombi, the inlet at the Hawkesbury River, the bay at Pretty Beach, the beach at Avalon and finally King street in Newtown where the work was originally conceived in 2008.

Mounted below each panel are clear acrylic housings. Each of these contains a substance that is either produced by or of the location below and although each substance was gathered from that location it is not exclusive to it. The first five (coal to water) are the resources, fuel, food and drink we either depend on or consume and the last (smoke) is a bi-product of this consumption and a consequence of both land and sea travel. That we are so dependent on these resources and fuels and consume them to the extent we do is a part of life. Consumption is not the problem; it is the bi-product of our consumer society, human induced climate change that is the focus of this work.

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  1. Living in Melbourne, came to work, an email with your link from Adrian Hill who is now living in Spain, copy and paste, click, closed by eyes, travelled upon the sounds of a place very dear to my heart, a grin upon my face, magic. Thanks, Damian and Solange!

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