solange & damian castaldi & kershaw
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They work in sound and mixed media.

Spanning over 14 years together and from different locations around the globe they have  made a practice of mixed media installation, performance, electronic & acoustic music composition and audiovisual production.

They came together in the late 90’s to co-write the soundtrack for a Lake DSP media presentation in Los Angeles. At the time Solange was working as a composer for the Ensemble theatre and Damian was working with a national artists collective, the nervous_objects.

Together they have collaborated on three public radio broadcasts for the ABC Classic FM: The Listening Room (recorded and produced in Barcelona, Pekina & Paris) released an independent CD of their solo and collaborative work, produced many of their own interactive sound and digital media installations, and co-directed a sound and digital media artspace as part of the Renew Newcastle project in the old heart of Newcastle’s Hunter St mall.

Apart from their arts practice Damian has lectured in media art & audio production at UTS, SAE and the University of Newcastle and Solange works independently as a front end web developer and programmer.

If you have the time here’s some of their audio to L I S T E N to …

They try to update regularly on the posts and pages of this website.

Their resumes are available on request from this website’s contact page.

Regards, DnS

solange kershaw & damian castaldi