Plane Down Over Kandos

A little, T-light filled mixed media assemblage.

This piece sold at auction for $560.00. It fetched the highest bid of the five finalists and 107 exhibited works for the Collectors’ Edition #5, 2018 Event.

The Collectors’ Edition #5 aims to raise funds for the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre’s Collection Acquisition Fund while showcasing the creative talents of their local artist community.

The Collectors’ Edition #5 OPENING EVENT
Friday 23 March 6pm – 8pm

The Collectors’ Edition #5 CLOSING AUCTION
Friday 6 April 6pm – 8pm

The annual Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection Fundraiser.


Cementa 17 – Contemporary Arts Festival, KANDOS, 6 – 9 April 2017.
s o d a c a k e present K PLAY – Mixed media sound installation by Damian Castaldi & Solange Kershaw.

K Play comprises a large multi layered harp-like string instrument that triggers sounds through touch, movement and/or close proximity using a range of sensors, sculptured objects and custom built technologies. The strings themselves can be played / manipulated from inside the shopfront windows at 18 Angus Ave and when struck or otherwise triggered will playback a combination of musical instrument samples and location sound recordings taken in and around Kandos.

Collectors Edition # 3

Now in its third year, this fundraiser exhibition supports the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre’s Collection Acquisition Fund. Over 80 original artworks by prominent artists are for sale through silent auction. Damian’s work is a mixed media assemblage with a slightly haunting soundtrack called ‘Hydro Blues … ghost songs from the Hydro Majestic’.



Play for Time

Play Ongaku

Image 1 – PLAY ONGAKU detail BMCC Exposé Program exhibition, Oct 2015

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Exposé Program exhibition on display from 16 September to 1 November 2015. Play for Time is a series of audiovisual installations that invites the audience to engage with responsive text, music, nature morte and sound through playful, time based, interaction, recasting the visitor from passive observer to active writer, player, creator. The four installations include: Type over Time, Play Ongaku, Play for Twine and Little Creature Cabinets.

Video – PLAY ONGAKU detail BMCC Exposé Program exhibition, Oct 2015

Royal quiet de luxe model(1280x800)

Image 3 – TYPE OVER TIME detail BMCC Exposé Program exhibition, Oct 2015

Final Install

With a few final adjustments we installed 5 enclosures into the trees at Varuna, the Writers House and Carrington Place in Katoomba. The components were entirely out of sight and each recording was triggered by close proximity with an ultrasonic sensor.



Revised prototype

After testing we’ve decided to use a larger battery without a solar cell. The Lithium Ion Battery Pack – 3.7V 6600mAh remains charged for up to 100 hours, which we can replace with a charged battery (once a week for three weeks). We’ll also add a realtime clock module to turn the interface off overnight. The signal from the sensor has been changed from Analog to PW (pulse width modulation) running in to digital i/o pin 8, which we’ve found to be more stable then the analog input.

All of this simplifies the signal flow, makes it more stable and means the technology will fit into a smaller weatherproof enclosure with only one external line in from the speaker.

Our revised component design …



1st outdoor installation test




First outdoor installation of our prototype. Volume is at a low level (intentionally), the interface is powered by one Lithium Ion battery pack – 3.7V 6600mAh (without the solar panel and smaller battery shown in the 2nd image above).

We are testing the battery duration as of 2pm Sunday the 24th of January, 2015. The interface will need to be active (triggering the audio) from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week for 5 weeks when it is installed as a public sound installation in the Blue Mountains.

Weather conditions today are cloudy, thunder, with a light rain. Location is our backyard at 66 Prince George St, Blackheath, NSW, Australia.

Prototype for an outdoor sensor interface from sodacake on Vimeo.

Prototype for an Outdoor sensor interface


This is our latest adventure from the Blue Mountains, Australia. It’s such an exciting project we decided to blog about it.

We’re making an outdoor interactive sound installation that will locate five separate sensor interfaces hidden in and around the trees in a public location. In essence, we’re surrounding various trees with some great technology to tell (whisper) a story whenever someone passes by. Our blogging for now is about the technicalities of prototyping this project.

Here is a signal flow & component chart for the prototype so far.


So what are we trying to do …..

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etcetera is an audio-visual display permanently installed at Villa Alba on the 4th of April 2014. The work lifts a corner on the memory of the Villa Alba using text, sound design and video to create a space of things remembered, not by us, but by the walls and rooms. As we enter the installation we watch and listen as the lavish contents of the house pass through the curtains, their descriptions floating on a dark surface, illuminated by the window beyond. Using the 1897 Auction catalogue as its narrative this work focuses on the house’s lavish “aesthetic and artistic” furnishings, described in the catalogue’s introduction as “Superb and costly high-art furniture of the most beautiful description…”. The house today seems filled with mystery, and some of this is slowly being unraveled as more and more of the interiors are revealed. This is what is most compelling, the slow, fastidious process of history being discovered and retold.

Produced by:  Solange Kershaw & Damian Castaldi
Medium: Processing Language, Video projection & Sound installation.
Acknowledgement for the sketch kinetic type by Zach Lieberman
Special thanks to Sarah Parker, Amanda Ryan and Villa Alba Museum for their support.


Video documentation of the first ‘etcetera’ installation for the 2012 Reverie exhibition at Villa Alba, curated by Sarah Parker.

solange kershaw & damian castaldi